Saturday, October 11, 2008

"The Cost of Copyright Confusion..."

According to a report from the Center for Social Media, "In K-12, higher education, and after-school programs and workshops, teachers face conflicting information about their rights, and their students’ rights, to quote copyrighted material. They also confront complex, restrictive copyright policies in their own institutions. As a result, teachers use less effective teaching techniques, teach and transmit erroneous copyright information, fail to share innovative instructional approaches, and do not take advantage of new digital platforms."

The link on the right labeled "The Cost of Copyright Confusion..." will take you to the full report about how copyright laws, or rather the fear of the law, scares teachers away from using certain media to enhance the learning process. Check it out.

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Jessica Modrzejewski said...

Cofusion is a key componet of copyright. The laws are always being evaluated and challenged, so it is tough for teachers and professionals to stay on top of it.

Your blog looks nice and organized. One tip -- avoid long posts. Short and sweet -- more likely to be read and commented on. Take a deep concept and break it down.
Overall, great job!!